Monday, March 14, 2011

Here's another bit of Mark David Chapman history I hadn't seen before, albeit there's no source cited. Has anyone else out there come across this claim? "Hinkley had been a member of a small music club in Hawaii where all of the members lived together and made music (in poverty). Hikley [sic] left this group of musicians whom he lived with and flew to Washington where he did this. In 1979 there was another member of that same small music club who left Hawaii and travelled [sic] to New York City for the purpose of killing John Lennon..." This appeared in a comment following an article in the Scotsman online about Reagan's shooting.


Exiles800 said...

He might be a troll Alan. He gets the year wrong for Chapman's trip to New York (1979).

Seems to me Bresler would not have missed such nuclear evidence as Hinckley being in Hawaii in the same band as Chapman.

Anonymous said...

what does Hinkley have to do with Chapman?

As for JFKs assassination, it does not make as much sense for the CIA to want him dead as it does the KGB.
It is not in dispute that Oswald had spent a lot of time in the Soviet Union.

Kennedy was increasing the budget of the CIA, and was a political ally of theirs. The KGB was furious with Kennedy for the Cuban Missile Crisis and was very threatened by him.
It makes far more sense that the KGB killed him.

Anonymous said...

No sourc e cited. AKA horseshit. Conjecture. GET A FUCKING LIFE.

Anonymous said...

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pablo mayhew said...

You should stop getting your information from television, man. ...Or acquire some history books that weren't written by revisionist neo-conservatives.

...Because someone has taken you for a long ride.