Thursday, March 03, 2011

Response to Peter: I received your request to use information from this blog and a link back. Since I can't seem to find your email anywhere, I'm posting my response here: yes, feel free to use anything and everything you find on this site and to link to it. I'll be posting soon about Phil Strongman's book _John Lennon: Life, Times, and Assassination_.


Exiles800 said...

In effect the best form of plausible deniability is a disturbed Lone Nut with psychotic explanations for their act. The advantage CIA has in doing this is their technical capability keeps them outside normal means of evidence. In effect this pattern is telling you exactly who did it, how, and why. What you are looking at is cold enforcement of military law. The evil that Lennon was fighting saw him as a threat and killed him - just like Kennedy. This invisible power was so drunk on its ability to murder with impunity it then targeted even Reagan himself because they couldn't resist the perfect parlay of putting ex-CIA director George Bush into power. This was an irresistable opportunity for them that would serve their reassertion of power agenda. The fact they got away with Lennon's assassination so easily and without any resistance emboldened them to doing the same with Reagan. When you put this all in correct perspective you then understand the unspeakable evil involved and how necessary it is to shine what they can't stand the most on their evil doings - sunlight. Good clean pure democratic sunlight, like it was designed for.

Exiles800 said...

I typed a long entry describing how Lennon's murder conformed to the familiar pattern of a CIA decapitation operation, only of the domestic variety. It was deleted.

The gist of it was Lennon was about to beat the US Government by gaining citizenship and therefore Constitutional protections. The timing of Lennon's murder showed a need to prevent Lennon from gaining this victory. What I wrote was CIA gave themselves away because if you know anything about CIA it justifies its doings on a legal basis. You might think that the killing of Lennon was an outrage and insanity and could never be justified legally, however if you study CIA you'll find they operate according to a legal framework in what they do. Part of the reason they do what they do is because they have a perverse sense of legal right. When Lennon was shot before he could gain his citizenship he was still technically a foreign threat. If you look at Lennon's FBI file he was labeled a "Trotsky-ite" subversive. So while the public uses the craziness of the suggestion that CIA would kill someone as beloved and harmless as the mop-top Beatle John Lennon as reason to reject the idea, it doesn't understand that CIA is a very sterile organization that operates under a cold notion of national security. The general public isn't informed that John Lennon existed under some very serious intel categories that would make him eligible for executive action in order to eliminate a threat to national security. If you study CIA's decapitation operations overseas they very simply murdered people whom they considered harmful to the objectives of the United States. While John Lennon was in New York and well known and famous, without citizenship he was safely within the known definitions of a foreign threat to the US Government. The timing of Lennon's murder tells you a lot about who did it, as does the method. John Lennon's assassination was simply a CIA decapitation operation - only it was domestic. If you study CIA decapitation assassinations they have the psychological warfare benefit of not only stopping the movement but showing those who follow it what will happen to them. Don't think for a moment those who killed Lennon are worried about you knowing it. They want you to know it. You are looking at the work of a group that justifies its actions by means of "plausible deniability". The modus operandi is clearly that of defending national security with military law. John Lennon was killed because he fell under an available opportunity to define him as a threat and take-advantage of the legality of being able to covertly justify his murder. Like I said above the strategic sterility and procedure usually followed by the group that killed him is showing through like an obvious framework here. These people neutralize threats according to some very cold and evil rules. The covert vector by which Lennon was assassinated is showing through like the dog that ate the chicken off the table.